2017 Events


 2017 Events 



A is for Anatomy

Students will identify anatomical structures of the human muscular and skeletal systems.


Amazing Arthropods

Students will be required to demonstrate an understanding of key concepts in taxonomy (including basic identification and morphology), ecology, life history, and the economic impacts of the major terrestrial arthropod groups.


Bridging the Gap

Students will be given a mystery bag of materials to build a bridge as long as possible and still support the weight of a tennis ball.


Charged Up

Students will be tested on their knowledge of electricity and related concepts. The exam will cover circuits, conductors, diodes, voltage, current, resistance, schematic drawings, meter reading, electrical sources and safety.


Crash Car Eggspert

Each team will build a structure on top of a PineCar Racer. The structure will be designed to hold and protect one or two eggs as the car is rolled down a progressively steeper series of ramps and crashed into an immovable barrier.  


Crime Busters

To determine who committed a crime, students will analyze clues that may include testing of unknown powders, paper chromatography to identify ink, matching fingerprints, shoeprints or tire tracks.




Students will interpret and organize information using pictographs, pie, bar, double bar, line and double line graphs.


Precision Ping Pong Propulsion 

Students will design and construct a device, capable of launching a ping pong ball at a three-dimensional target, which is placed within a given range.



Reflection Relay

A team of three students will work cooperatively to determine the path a light beam follows, as it reflects off a series of plane mirrors.


Rock Hound

Students will prepare charts and use them to identify various rocks and minerals.  Questions about the rocks or minerals, such as their color, specific gravity, relative hardness, reaction to 3 molar hydrochloric acid, shape, and texture will be asked.  This year will focus more on Metamorphic rocks.


Simple Machines

Participants will identify, use, and answer questions about simple machines and recognize the relationships between work, force and distance as they apply to each simple machine. Knowledge of the following six simple machines will be demonstrated:  lever, inclined plane, pulley, screw, wheel and axle, and wedge. 



Starry, Starry Night

This event will test students’ knowledge of astronomical facts and concepts relating to the earth, moon, solar system, celestial sphere, stars and constellations, non-planetary members of the solar system.


Water Rockets

Prior to the tournament, contestants will use 2-liter soda/pop bottles to build one or more rockets propelled by pressurized air and water. Rockets will be launched at the tournament and time aloft recorded. The rocket that stays aloft for the longest time will win.


Weather or Not

Students will be tested on their knowledge of weather and meteorology.  Topics may include clouds, simple scientific weather instruments and their functions, weather patterns, severe weather, and weather photographs, drawings, or diagrams. Questions may also include states of water, water cycle, weather terminology, atmosphere, and seasonal changes in weather.


Wildlife Safari

Students will demonstrate their ability to identify birds, their calls, and their habitats through the use of field guides. 


Zowie Estimation

Presented with a variety of tasks, students will be asked to estimate mass in grams, volume in cubic centimeters, and number of objects in a container.